Martin Babinec

Founder of TriNet Group, Inc. and Upstate Venture Connect

"Figuring Out If You're Startup Material"

Everyone knows there is more risk working in an early stage company than a traditional corporate job, but how do you assess both pluses and minuses to figure out what's right for you? Martin Babinec will share an insider's view of today's startup environment through the lens of what that looks like from a career development perspective in 2014. In addition to being one of Upstate's most active investors (both angel and venture capital) he's enjoyed a ringside seat with his company - Silicon Valley-based TriNet, helping tens of thousands of startups with their human capital needs over the last 2 decades.

About Martin

Martin Babinec founded and serves as a Director with TriNet Group, Inc. [NYSE: TNET], a provider of bundled HR products, strategic services and software for growing companies. The company serves about 8,000 customers and generates annual revenues of more than $1.5 billion. Martin served as CEO from the company's inception in 1988 until 2008, and also Chairman till 2010. He raised more than $130 million in 5 rounds of equity financing, completed 6 acquisitions, led development of sales and marketing organization, and served multiple roles to grow the professional employer industry over two decades.

Martin’s other leadership roles include Founder/Chairman of Upstate Venture Connect, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is building a high growth entrepreneurial ecosystem across Upstate New York; Co-Founder/Chairman of StartFast Venture Accelerator; and Founder/Chairman of IntroNet Corporation. He is an active startup investor and serves as a director or adviser to several emerging growth technology companies, seed capital funds and venture capital firms.

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