Courtnee Futch

Founder of ThunderCakes

"Under21-trepreneurship: Navigating Personal and Entrepreneurial Growth"

Entrepreneurship, much like life, requires constant adaptation and evolution. So how do we navigate the changing demands of personal growth in our youth, while tending to the constant needs of our business?

About Courtnee

Courtnee Futch is a 19-year-old Junior at Syracuse University studying Communication and Rhetorical Studies. Deeply influenced by her roots as an Atlanta native, Courtnee was determined to establish some Southern hospitality in CNY. It was her desire to bring "The A" to SU, combined with her love for baked goods and practical financial needs as a college student, that birthed her company, "ThunderCakes" in 2012. Since the founding of ThunderCakes, Courtnee has fallen in love with entrepreneurship and hopes to encourage others to translate their passions into businesses.