Danny Goldberg

Founder of Golden Gear

"No Theory, No Lectures, No B.S. – Why You Don't Need a Business Degree to Become a Successful Entrepreneur"

So all great entrepreneurs study business…? Right? WRONG! In fact, you don't need a business degree to become a great entrepreneur and if you think that, you have it all wrong! There is no secret recipe or formula for success as an entrepreneur and it simply can’t be taught, but can only be learned through experience and by doing. It's time to throw away your oversized textbooks packed with theory, and stop listening to long lectures about what worked for some big corporation in the early 2000’s. This is the not “f*cking” around speech of what it really takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

About Danny

Ever since he can remember, Danny has always been a dreamer-always thinking big. When others saw perfection, he saw imperfection. When others saw the impossible, he saw the possible. NO – Danny doesn't have super powers; he's just an entrepreneur.

While most 15 year olds were hanging out at a friends house, Danny was hanging out at a gym selling the most protective boxing gloves to professional world champion fighters. While his friends were sleeping in on a Saturday morning, Danny was out traveling gym-to-gym with a huge duffle bag packed with the best boxing equipment out there making sale, after sale, connection, after connection.

Danny is a Syracuse University Junior studying Information Management and a serial entrepreneur. When he's not in class studying, Danny can be found hustling and growing Golden Gear, brainstorming the next big idea!

"I’m a dreamer, I’m a believer, I’m a doer, - I’m an Entrepreneur."