DeBorah Little

Founder of Lil'MorStix

"For Me, It Has Been A Great Rewind"

As a second semester junior, I have survived three years of juggling personal, professional and educational goals and aspirations and this has been one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of my life. The blessing of making new friends and gaining new knowledge and skills, is balanced with repeatedly adjusting my life to navigate the crossroads of responsibilities to my business, my educational institution and my family. This is my journey, and it is a wonderful ride.

About DeBorah

President of the consulting firm Touchdown Presentations, LLC, DeBorah A. Little has expanded her knowledge and skills as a full time student at Syracuse University. A December 2014 graduate, she is majoring in Information Management and Technology and has a minor in Information Design and Startups. The inventor of Lil'MorStix, an innovative new cosmetic tube that allows cosmetic users to extract the 30% of cosmetics stuck at the bottom of their used tubes, DeBorah is also the co-author of two books, "Getting Well: Mind, Body and Spirit" and "Your Better Body: The Women's Guide to Holistic Health & Wellness".