Chuck Stormon

StartFast Venture Accelerator

About Chuck

Chuck Stormon launched his first business with SBIR grants to commercialize a content addressable memory chip he had developed while in graduate school. He sold the business and patents three years later to Cypress Semiconductor. This technology is now used in every core router of the Internet. He next co-founded a venture-backed software company that transformed the way the majority of electric utilities in the USA operate today. Stormon’s third venture acquired a small French network equipment maker and developed new software that ultimately sold to most telecoms around the world. When acquired by NASDAQ company, Tekelec, Stormon led product line strategy and M&A. Subsequently, Tekelec sold to Oracle for roughly $1 billion. Stormon helped turn around PacketExchange, who powered Radiohead’s landmark direct-to-internet release of its Rainbows album, changing the music industry forever. In all Stormon has co-founded and/or turned around five significant businesses, raising close to $45 million from and returning over $100 million to investors. In 2011, Stormon co-founded the StartFast Venture Accelerator which invests in and mentors entrepreneurs to success. He is currently Managing Director of StartFast while bootstrapping his fifth startup, writing about/teaching growth hacking techniques to entrepreneurs. He is an investor in the Seed Capital Fund of CNY. Stormon resides in Cazenovia, NY.

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